+ Fitness with a purpose and reason.

+ Learn how to breath.

+ Workouts that help regualte the autonomic nervous system to imporve healing, repair and recovery

+ Improving performance and results.  

+ Build a community. 




(Experienced Movers)

The original class to target high energy, fast paced, maximum results!! We teach technical moves, breathe, and teamwork to improve overall health and confidence.

MFIT Strength

(All levels/ “Arnolds”)

Class designed to target strength in a group class setting. We take out the cardio piece from the original MFIT and focus on the strength movements. You will feel the burn. We guarantee it!!



Class to introduce new movements, philosophy, and energy systems in a less intimidating environment. Smaller class so we can focus on technique and skill development.

*Coming soon

MFIT Cardio and core

(All levels/cardio lovers)

Class  designed to get your sweat on using the main cardio pieces of MFIT.  We will bike, row, ski, and run for the cardio and add core centered movements to strengthen your foundation.

*Coming soon