All Level Flow

A non-heated class appropriate for all levels. Come to flow, increase your flexibility, deepen your mind body connection and relax no matter where you are on your yoga journey!

Beginner Yoga

A safe introduction for new and continuing students to the fundamental principles of alignment and breathwork in primary poses. Emphasis will be on opening and strengthening the back, shoulders, and legs. This class is perfect for the beginner just starting to explore the many elements of yoga, or for the continuing students looking to deepen their understanding of the basics.

Hour of Power

Our signature Power Vinyasa flow in a 60 minute format. A challenging and flowing form of yoga that heals, detoxifies and electrifies the body and mind at their deepest levels, both on and off the mat. Bring a towel! The room is warmed to 90 degrees. Perfect for the experienced yogi or the fitness enthusiast looking to get a great sweat.

Happy Hour of Power

Our hour of power kicked up a notch. Come to lose yourself in the music and the atmosphere of letting go of the work week and getting ready for the weekend! This class is hot!!

Power Vinyasa

We invite you to expand your Hour of Power practice. This heated vinyasa class encourages you to explore the possibilities on your mat through movement, postures, breath work and more. Still the sweaty flow you crave with a little extra love added!

Slow Flow

This class will guide inward as you completely surrender into opening your body. Class begins with a meditation and a slow flow to warm you body, open your joints and deepen your breath. You will find that this class moves at a pace that is more accessible for those who are new to the practice or wanting a slower pace vinyasa. Come in with an open heart and a readiness to maintain peace for you. 

Stretch and Gentle Flow

All levels welcome! Come for a total body stretch, foundational poses with use of props, attention to body alignment and breath work. Increase your flexibility and strength, finding mindfulness and relaxation in every class.


A flowing form of yoga which links postures together with your breath. In this practice the journey is in between the postures. This class is sure to leave you free in your body and mind.


Balance your “Yang” Vinyasa/Power Yoga practice with our new Yin Yoga classes. Yin Yoga targets our connective tissue, bones, joints, and fascia, stretching the body from the inside out. Yin Yoga is practiced sitting and/or lying on the mat. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes, allowing students to focus on their breath and practice stillness. Students experience a deep release in their physical body and a calming of their mind and spirit. The many benefits of Yin Yoga include increased physical range of motion, decreased blood pressure, stronger ligaments and joints, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, decreased anxiety, removal of toxins, and a deep sense of well-being and balance.

Yin and Yang

A class that combines the heat building flow of yang and the passive stretch of yin. Yang postures are postures that build strength and flexibility. Helping build stamina and create heat in the body. Yin poses are passive, mainly floor poses that are held for several minutes to cultivate a meditative mindset and deeper physical opening targeting the layers of connective tissue in the body (fascia, tendons, ligaments).